What’s with all this WIND!

We are in Young, middle NSW. We have been in Wagga for the last 4 days and were there for both the dust storms that went through. We were a little unprepared for the first one and nearly got blown away. Had to get out of the tent and put 4 more guy ropes on. In the end, it was still too windy so about 2am we got back in to the troopy. Once inside, we were gently rocked to sleep in the wind. Tent and car COVERED in red dust. Couldn’t see out some of the windows! The next few days were mainly the same with one nice day in between. And although there is no dust today it is windier than hell in Young. Luckily we both have work to do so we holed up in a powered site and and sitting out the wind. I am even running the hair dryer to heat us up while we work – he he.

This area is called Hilltops in wine region terms. There are only a few wineries here though so we won’t be here too long. There was tonnes to do in Wagga Wagga (part of the Riverina region), so we stayed there a while. Moving on to Cowra from here. More to do there so expecting to be there for a while.

There are just too many places to go and we have to be in Melbourne a bit before Dec 1 for a commitment there, so we are skipping Griffith (main town in the Riverina region) and we are also having to skip Canberra. There are SO many wineries there that it would take us a week and would prefer not to be rushing around like mad chooks so we will catch Canberra when we have come all the way back around.

We spent quite a bit of time in Moruya on the mid south coast of NSW. Went 4WD-ing in the Deua National Park whilst having to leave Inigo back at the accommodation (no dogs allowed in Nat Parks). Not surprising that there were no wines out there but countless wallabies & ‘roos and more Wombats than you have ever seen in your life in one park. Wombat holes EVERYWHERE! Not the kind of place you want to walk at night without a flashlight or you’d break an ankle in minutes. Had a bit of a river swim – FREEZING!

An overnight stay in Bermagui further south in the Sapphire Coast region. Not particularly rewarding on the wine tasting front, not a lot there, but a beautiful beachside stay where Inigo got to go nuts chasing seagulls. He’s never even got remotely close to getting one, but it’s great exercise. Something we could all do more with. In general, we have been SUPER slack in that department. Once the weather warms up from freezing we will be more inspired.

Across Kosciusko National Park to Tumbarumba – a great little town tucked away on the western side of the Snowy’s. This place is producing excellent fruit for wine making these days, but as a tourist destination, it hasn’t got it’s act together yet and the cellar door options are pretty limited. Were hoping to spend some more time there, but with little offering in the tasting dept, we picked up a couple of bottles of the local stuff and moved on to Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga is apparently Aboriginal for Crow Crow – as in lots of crows – but really should be for cocky cocky. There were more of these noisy bloody birds than there were crows. And don’t they make a NOISE!!! Stick a whole bunch of them in the trees above and you get a cacophony of noise the Big Day Out speaker stacks would be proud of. Anyway, after I shot them all, they were a bit quieter (only kidding).

Anyway, that is a nutshell of the towns we’ve passed through to get to here. Let you know more as it happens.

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