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The search for the perfect wine continues however there will be a slight delay in the journey. Due to a glitch in the matrix, we have had to divert our voyage to somewhere unexpected. Fortunately for us the diversion is to the Upper Hunter Valley – sucks for some I know. As much as I would love to be spending 10 hours a day visiting wineries this will not be the case whilst here and there may be a slowing in the production of videos for a couple of weeks. We still have some footage up our sleeves though, so there won’t be an entire drought. Reason: the old film industry has called me back for a short emergency gap filling stint.

So as not to completely dry up the well of information that springs forth from this hilariously funny and knowledgeable site (uh-humm) we will just have to post some written reviews and stories of what we’ve been up to.

So written installment part 1: We have been becoming more and more interested in organic wines. Not to be confused with Biodynamic – which we will deal with in time, Organic wines generally use the normal wine making process overall, but go about growing the grapes using less fertilisers, water etc as well as using less preservatives in the wine making process. Some wines try and be preservative free, but technically a winemaker can use up to 50% of the normal amount of preservatives and still be organic ( ref: Personally I have found that the organics that I have tried that are completely preservative free suffer for that fact.

We tried organics is Shoalhaven, Canowindra (Cowra), Mudgee and Orange and I must say they seem to be getting better and better as we go along. The biggest surprise was in Orange at the wine show tasting night. In amongst the myriad of wines that were impressing was Tamburlaine which we had starting paying attention to due to it consistently producing good wines across the full range of varietals. Only once we got to the (disappointing) Merlot table did I discover that Tamburlaine was organic. Good to hear. As a rule, we won’t buy an organic wine without tasting it first and whilst that rule will still apply, I am starting to believe that maybe the organic world is starting to be more hit than miss these days. The jury is still out for us, but we will make sure that we take a keen interest in as many organic wines as we can as trundle along.

For the record the Organics that impress were

Gardners Ground (Cowra)

Lowe Wines (Mudgee)

Tamburlaine (Orange)

If you are looking for wines that impress, that are at a minimum, lower in preservatives, at best, fully sustainable, then give these guys a go.

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