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Mudgee Region pt1 – Australian Wine Review

Well it’s been a bit of a while since a video post, sorry about that, but here is the latest…..

We have spent quite a lot of time in the Mudgee region and there is one reason why – it’s fantastic! The wines here are varied and unique. Ranging from sweet perfumed whites right up to the face eating, mouth punching Durif and everything in between. Tasting heaven.

Mudgee is 3 1/2 hours drive from Sydney over the Blue Moutains, and then take a right…

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So here’s the lowdown on this show..

Recommended buys: Thumb Print Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 $15 – drink now

Thumb Print Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 $20 – cellar 2+ years

The Willow Lane Shiraz “Timothy” 2007 $25

Honourable mentions: Willow Lane Sauvignon Blanc 2009 $22

Willow Lane “Laura” Chardonnay 2007 $19.50

Red Clay Estate Winery – the whole place. The wine was great for the price and the service was delightful and jocular. If you want to know the fun side to being a winemaker in Mudgee, go here.

Uninspiring: 1838 wines. Got a few medals, not sure why, then jacked the price up. Or maybe it happened it reverse. Anyway, sits in this category with us –  I love that wine can be so subjective and the net for letting me tell everyone. hu-ha!

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6 Responses to “Mudgee Region pt1 – Australian Wine Review”

  1. Rob says:

    Interesting website structure and information. Reckon our Margaret River wines can rival some of these Mudgee Reds!

  2. Hi Tim & Kat,

    Great blog! I’d love to send you some info on a wine app… pls e-mail when you have a moment.



  3. Tim&Kat says:

    Thanks very much Lyn & Bob. We call it how we see it. If you’re not from that region we urge a visit there. One of favourite NSW wine regions and under visited by the masses.

  4. Lyn & Bob says:

    Dear Kat & Tim

    Just caught up with your review on Mudgee Wines. Must say we were delighted with your frank comments.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Tim&Kat says:

    Fair enough. Ain’t that the best thing about wine – it’s all down to what you like.

  6. David Bowers says:

    Dont know what you guys are on about.
    My take on 1838 shiraz and durif is that they are about the best reds in Mudgee

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