Day 150

Well day 150 of traveling is upon us. It certainly doesn’t seem like that long.  I guess between Tim going back to a film for 3 weeks and Kat still doing a day a week remotely for her old company and the upkeep of this page, there is still the feel that true work still has a bit of a grip on us. I doubt we’ll get much sympathy from you guys though, with your full time jobs – ha ha ha. Anyway, it has been a great adventure so far and we have tasted some fantastic wines along the way, discovered some little hidden gems that you could never otherwise find unless doing this and found out that bigger does not always means better (or better value) when it comes to wine.

We chose to spend January in Tasmania as we thought that it would be one of the least likely places that people would go for the school holidays. Boy were we wrong. I think the population of Tasmania has doubled or even trebled this month. Driving the highways is like being in a campervan roller derby. I never knew there were so many bloody campervan hire places in the WHOLE WORLD, let alone in one state. Appollo, Britz, Maui, Jucy, Wicked, Autorent, Tassie Devil, Tasmanian Campervan Hire, Aussie Dollar Campers, Kea, Campette campers, Cheap campervans, Travellers AutoBarn and Boomerang. And they are just the ones that we can remember!! On top of that come the grey nomads up the wazoo with their portable planets that they drive around in – complete with hydraulic walls, toilets, microwave ovens, in-sink-erators and nuclear power plants. I’m just guessing that they have a nuclear power plant in there because they drive that bloody slow I can only figure they are hauling something that heavy.

Anyway, I wont’ ramble on too much about the crowds, it’s just that we seem to be having a lot of moments from the movie “The Castle”. We stand outside and have a great look around at the splendid wild beauty of Tasmania and say “How’s the serenity” as the generator of our neighbor starts up, the stereo of the teens across the way cranks on and the wail of the crying baby drifts by.

But back to the main point, it is day 150 so we have thrown an 04 Vintage Jansz in the freezer of the place we are staying and hopefully in a very short time we will be enjoying the sweet flavours of that fantastic sparkling. I hope that you are enjoying the show so far – we certainly are enjoying the experience of making it.

All in all, Tassie is a nice place. We have enjoyed the west the best for it’s wilderness. We allowed a month here and I think it was just the right amount of time if you ever get the chance. We have a quick stop in Melbourne on the way back, and then it is straight on to McLaren Vale for grape picking during the vintage months. We’ll let you know how that goes once we get there.



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  1. KatedB says:

    You lucky things. Tasmania and Maclaren Vale are two of my favourite camping winery trips. And I am soooo with you about the west coast of Tasmania. Some kind of last bastion of pristine wilderness. Did you get to Cape Grimm? Cleanest air in the would apparently

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