200 days travelled, 1000 wines down.

Today we celebrate 200 days of traveling around oz. Yay! There’s been good days and great days and as a celebration of our milestone we released our first press release. Here’s a copy of it. Let’s see how we go…

Press Release – ‘1000 wines down and it’s only half way!’

19 March 2010 – ‘Wine Around Oz’ hit travel day 200 today as they continued their quest to visit every major wine producing region in Australia in 365 days and produce a wine TV show about it.

The brain child of Tim Ahern and Kat Slowik from Sydney, Wine Around Oz follows the travels of two thirty-something TV industry veterans who throw in their day jobs and travel around Australia in a 4WD campervan, combining their passion for wine with their love of travel and their experience in TV & film. What started as a throw away comment of ‘Let’s visit a few wineries and tell people about what we tried’ has become a deeply serious business and something of an internet sensation, with the ‘grape vine’ of wineries egging them on in their ambition to be able to complete their task in 2010.

Commenting on reaching their recent milestone, Tim said “We never really thought it would quite get this far – but being able to share with our viewers the amazing vineyards we have visited; the great characters we have been able to interview and the wines we have been able to taste and review – has made it a trip of a lifetime”. He added, “With all the doom and gloom about the glut and collapsing markets – our trip has taught us that while there will be challenges for wineries for some time to come, the position of Australia as a producer of quality wines is secure – the passion and the focus of the people we have met will certainly make sure that this continues”.

Tim and Kat’s trip has been logged on their website through their wine TV show and newsletters – and at latest count had documented visits to over 150 cellar doors, tasted around 1,000 wines and produced 32 episodes. From a small group of devoted followers, they have become something of an internet sensation – with a rapidly growing fan base logging in daily to follow their trip around Australia with their trusty pooch, Inigo Montoya the staffy. “There’s so much more to wine and wine regions than just reviews in front of a camera. Whilst we are still going to let our fans know our thoughts about the wines we taste, we are also delving in to the underbelly of winemaking and what other things the regions offer” said Tim. “We also throw in a joke show every now and then and I think it’s this kind variety that our fans are liking.”

Rajarshi Ray, owner of Silos Estate & Wileys Creek (based on the South Coast of New South Wales) was one of the first wineries visited by Tim and Kat on their Australia wide odyssey. “We met Tim and Kat just three or four weeks into their trip – and we were quite taken by their ambition to visit every wine region in Australia in a year. Their enthusiasm is infectious – and this has allowed them to access people and wineries that aren’t normally possible – and their website has become a must see for people interested in wine”.

Day 200 found Tim and Kat in one of the heartlands of winemaking in Australia – the Barossa Valley. At latest count, they had sampled and evaluated over 1,000 wines, visited over 150 cellar doors and had clocked up ‘Something like 22,000 kilometers’. Their journey so far has seen them in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and SA with WA, Qld and northern NSW and Canberra still to come. You can follow their progress at winearoundoz.com and catchup on their wine reviews and interviews with the people who make up the wine industry in Australia.

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About Wine Around Oz
Wine Around Oz is the brainchild of Tim Ahern and Kat Slowik, a couple of TV & film veterans who threw in their jobs for the open road and one ambition – to visit every major wine producing region in Australia in 365 days. Follow their exploits on-line through their regular wine TV updates at www.winearoundoz.com as they, their campervan and their trusty pooch Inigo work their way through wines and cellar doors, and meet some of the many people who make up the wine industry in Australia.

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