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Extreme Small Batch Winemaking Pt2

Live as it happens (almost). Follow the journey of 2 intrepid wine makers breaking all the rules to make their dream drop.
Ep2 – the blood, the sweat, the ferment.

After 5 days of seething heat in the Barossa, our heroes have done all they can to protect their baby ferment from the damaging rays of the sun. Fear not! The wine┬áis on it’s way to greatness, however, there are a few things missing. Watch the episode and then add your suggestions of “what next” in the comments at the bottom of this post.

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4 Responses to “Extreme Small Batch Winemaking Pt2”

  1. admin says:

    A wheat grass press, hmmm, you do belong in Hollywood. Someone been spending too much time in L.A? A fantastic suggestion that will not only help us make wine but help us stay regular. Thanks mate.

  2. admin says:

    onya bottle. Can always rely on you. Unfortunately this was time sensitive and I had to find another way, but DAMN I wish I had have seen this first. The crushing ep will be up very soon. We are in the wild red yonder at the moment and hard to upload videos

  3. Bottle says:

    Well hello my wonderful friends!

    Thank you for my short episode, I’m very impressed. I’m also a bit jealous of the ease at which you can plunge your cap as I’ve spent the past week on the Mornington Peninsula hand plunging open ferments of up to 3500 litres! If only I could just give them a shake!

    I have a suggestion for crushing, and Tim I know you’ll like it as it involves Duct tape. So, strain your wine from the ferment bottle into the cocktail shaker (great storage idea by-the-way), then stuff a BMX bike tube (preferably new) into the ferment. Use the Duct tape to firmly tape the ferment together so it doesn’t explode. Drill a hole in the ferment bottles lid for the tubes valve to protrude from, poke the valve through, put the lid on and tape in place. Now, start inflating! My advice would be to inflate to 20psi first, then release the pressure, drain the wine out then start the process again, this time to a higher pressure. Do this 5 or 6 times. Discard the left over skins and uncrushed seeds. The uncrushed seeds are important as if you use something metallic to do your crushing, the seeds will be crushed too and release nasty flavours into the wine.

    Good luck and may the force be with you!


    ps call me if you need more explanation!

  4. Drew says:

    I have a wheat grass press that would work pretty well. If only you were in Sydney. Don’t suppose you could store it in a bottle? I am sure you have some wine bottles and corks with you somewhere….

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