Crash and Trash and Treasure

As subscribers to the newsletter would know, there was a slight accident in the Landcruiser Troopcarrier that Wine Around Oz goes around in.We decided to take the scenic route from the WA wine fields to the Qld ones and so went via the Pibara and the Kimberly. Unfortunately the troopy came a cropper on a long dirt road in the Kimberly and ended up, well, trashed. Parking (a polite way of saying rolling) a car on it’s side in the middle of a dirt road 350km from the nearest town is not the best idea, but we thought “what the hell” and tried it anyway. Luckily we’d drunk all the wine in the cupboards in the back because they tore out and landed in pieces on the other side of the vehicle and lucky Inigo was sleeping soundly on the floor in the back or else he’d be in worse shape than the cupboards. Anyway, everyone walked away shaken, but not stirred and once the car was upright again (thanks Mr. Passing-truck-driver), started first go. Gotta love Toyota Landcruisers. Once we got to Darwin (yep 1200km later) the insurance people decided to put the troopy down. R.I.P. troopy.

Not to worry though, we are in the hunt for another one and will continue to visit all the wine regions in Australia and report back to you about it. In the mean time here are a couple of pics of our beloved troopy – no longer with us.


Driven around the bend. Skid marks show how far we wen sideways for.

well, the back wall of the cupboards

The cupboards - floor on right, roof left, ground down. Inigo lucky to make it out of this mess unharmed.


But the eggs made it

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