Boutique Wine Awards 2010 Tasting Review

Recently went to a tasting of the Boutique Wine Awards. Quite a fun night, I love going to these kind of tastings and really getting to taste the best of the best in the class. Here are some results of the judging and my opinion of them. I don’t always agree with judges, I don’t care. At the end of the day they might judge the wine on perfection or rather lack of faults, I judge it on whether I like it. Didn’t take the video camera, so this time it’s just a write up and some pics.




Riesling results:

Top Gold: Patrick T Wines 2009

Golds: Patrick T wines 2009

Pauletts Wines 2009

Bream Creek Vineyard 2008

My favourite was the Bream Creek. Flinty kind of riesling  rather than the fruity style, hence more to my liking, good balance with nice amount of acid. Was a little more acidic than the others but not over the top. Yum

Sauv Blanc results:

Top Gold: Blind River Wines (NZ) 2009 :

Golds: Bream Creek Vineyard 2009

Silvers: Ross Hill 09 :

If you like your green capsicum in your SB, then you’re gonna love the Blind River Wines. I thought it was way too in your face and completely ruined it for me , but excellent length. My fave in the bunch on tasting was the Ross Hill 09. From Orange, a wonderful cool climate region making everyone sit up and take notice, it had a much better flavour balance, great length and most importantly for me was not overpowered by green capsicum like the other.

Pinot Noir results:

Top Gold: Rockburn Wines (NZ) 2009

Golds: Maude Wines (NZ) 2007

Portsea Estate 2008

Limbic 2009

I love to be perochial about my wines, so imagine my disappointment when the best Pinot on show was from bloody New Zealand. The Rockburn 09 was definitely the best Pinot there. Beautful, perfect balance. Cherry and chocolate on the tongue, vanilla and berry on the nose. Balance and length, this wine is Catherine Zeta-Jones in a red dress.

For the Aussies, they were both wonderful and regional. The Yarra Valley Limbic 09 was packed full of flavour and had the forest floor to thank for it’s regional finesse. The Portsea 08, my favourite of the two, was more fruit driven, had lifted cherries and chocolate but was cleaner and crisper that the Limbic. Looks like I do agree with judges occasionally.

Shiraz results:

Top Gold: Saracen Estates 2008

Brindabella Hills Winery 2008

Paracombe Premium Wines  2006

Mount Burrumboot Estate 2005

Again I didn’t totally agree with the judges and decided that the Brindabella was my favourite Shiraz. It just had a nice balance and was making all the right traditional shiraz moves. It was a close race with the Burumboot and I would have to look at the price of the 2 before deciding which I would buy. If the same price, then obviously I would go Brindabella. I didn’t rate the Saracen at all, but each to his own.

Look, there were plenty of more, these were just the highlights, but I would also like to mention the Pokolbin Estate Tempranillo 2007 as fun wine of the night. If you’re planning on going to a barbie or a casual get together in the near future, pick up this wine. A real easy drinker, nicely balanced,  decent lift and body. Made me feel like dancing. (Lucky I had to rush out the door after tasting, dancing at a wine tasting with no music might have made me look weird).


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    I also went to this and totally agree with you about the Rockburn. Overall I thought this was a nice review. Particularly like the reference to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Grrarr

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